Participation In Community SOCIAL & CIVIC ACTIVITIES

What we offer?

These aids allow a person to participate in community, social, and recreational activities. We can help you connect with the local community. Support you in engaging in enjoyable activities and acquiring new skills.

  • Going to the park, beach or lake
  • Participating in bowling, golf, swimming, etc
  • Outings to the movies or shopping
  • Attending sporting games like football
  • Going to the gym
  • Catching up with or meeting new friends
  • Joining religious or community events
  • Attending art, drama or music classes
  • Participating in social activities: dining out and shopping
  • Support for recreation: seeing a film or a performance, and exercise activities

SDHCS recognizes the significance of participants enjoying leisure activities. SDHCS enhances clients' participation in social, communal, and recreational activities while providing them with support throughout these activities. Participation in community initiatives will assist the individual in improving their physical and mental health. A disability should not prevent someone from experiencing life to the fullest. We provide meaningful community involvement supports and recommend ideas that may be of interest to participants, allowing them to make their own participation decisions.

This assistance is intended for those who seek to broaden their social circles, engage with the community, and join groups to form friendship networks. Whether you want to advance your objectives and interests, work, study, or simply socialize, we can help you engage with and access your community. We can organize transportation, accompany you, and give any necessary personal assistance while you are out. You have the option to engage individually or in a group.

Using the social support model, SDHCS may assist you in extending your independence beyond your home so that you can enjoy the activities in your community and gain the self-assurance to make meaningful lifestyle decisions. Enjoying your home environment is just as vital as being an active member of your community. As your independence and self-assurance increase, so do your communal bonds. From this location, you will be able to gain fresh experience and hone your present skills.

SDHCS Services can assist you to:

    • Go to the local club
    • See a movie or a play
    • Medical
    • Go to School
    • Job appointment
    • Arts
    • Leisure and
    • Other community programs like Volunteering, and participation in public events.
    • Voting
    • Attending a council meeting
    • Working at a communal garden or community activity center
    • Volunteer opportunities

SDHCS respected staff are available to facilitate you to access your community in confidence and maintain respected relationships with partners, family, and friends.