Our Strategy

Sunshine Disabilities and Home Care Services operates from a secular base and works collaboratively with government, public, private and other bodies to deliver the best possible outcomes for all our customers.

Our 3 year strategy will enable us to sustainably grow and support more people to meet their goal of living independently in Sydney and beyond. We will keep improving our model: with client’s needs at the centre, supporting people through key life changes, and building integrated pathways with the wider health and community services system.

Stronger together, with our provider partner network we will remain focused on delivering safe, inclusive and quality care in the community, at home, and online. We will keep this focus while collaborating with partners to navigate government reform, higher quality standards and an increasingly competitive environment.

Our Strategic Goals

To deliver total care, we will:

  • Create positive customer experiences that improve wellness outcomes
  • Measure our social impact
  • Proactively identify and respond to customers’ health and social needs
  • Build a customer-centric performance culture
  • Deliver efficient and high quality standards
  • Maintain a strong balance sheet

Our Strategic Outcomes

We will build services fit for the future that are:

  • Of the highest quality, accredited against required standards
  • Clinically capable including mental health, psycho social supports and assessments
  • Culturally safe and inclusive and meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, CALD and LGBTQIA+ communities
  • Seamless in the way we integrate technology
  • Integrated and built on our history of collaboration and coordination in the sector, working together to create pathways that multiply impact
  • Efficient in the way we use resources, delivering sustainable growth without compromising quality
  • Delivered by qualified staff including clinical and allied health professionals
  • Delivered by an engaged, empowered workforce who reflect the communities we serve